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Every year, millions of tourists flock to India to enjoy everything that the country offers, from its world-class local dishes to beautiful attractions and more. However, some visitors don’t get a chance to experience the country in all its glory because they have no clue what to do, where to go, stay and more—that’s where we come in.

Here at Royal Tours and Travels, we want you to have the best time in India during your stay so that you can keep coming back to experience what this amazing country has to offer. That’s why we offer several travel packages that can help tourists from all over the world have the time of their lives.

Aside from that, however, we also want to give travellers who are having second thoughts solid reasons to visit the country. We’re able to do this by providing blogs that showcase what the country has to offer and here, we’re going to give you the best travel guide that will surely make the most out of your stay here. Keep on reading to learn more!

Eat local delicacies

They say that you’ve never really experienced a country if you don’t try their local dishes and that can’t be more true with India. Here, you’ll find world-class local delicacies being served everywhere! Whether it be the streets of New Delhi to various fancy restaurants, you can expect to have your tastebuds satisfied by trying out India’s food.

To get your mouth watering, here are some of the best dishes we recommend here at Royal Tour and Travels:

Masala Dosa

One of the first things you have to try once you step foot in India is the Masala Dosa. This dish is arguably India’s most famous export and for good reasons. It’s widely known for its unique combination of flavours that gives the iconic taste that people from around the world know and love.

The dish consists of a thin batter made out of a mixture of rice, flour and lentils and once it’s fried, becomes this delicious slightly crispy shell that houses different ingredients. After it reaches a crepe-like texture, it is then stuffed with tender potatoes seasoned with different local spices and herbs.

To top it all off, masala dosas are served with hot sambar to add more spice to its already flavorful taste. You may have tried this dish in various Indian chains in your country but trust us, nothing beats trying it in its hometown.


When you’re in India, chances are, you’re going to see chaat in every corner you look at. because the dish is synonymous with the street food scene in the country. This savoury delicacy is served almost everywhere and although they come in small pieces, the flavour that they offer is out of this world!

Chaat is a street food item that consists of a combination of chickpeas, tender potatoes and crispy fried bread. It is then garnished with some fresh coriander leaves and served alongside yoghurt, dried ginger and tamarind sauce.

You can find this in various restaurants but for us, the best place to try it is in one of the food stalls in the country because it’s wherein its most authentic state.

Dal Makhani

One of the food items you’ll hear the most about in India is Dal Makhani. This is served worldwide and it’s a staple dish in India. This local delicacy primarily consists of lentils but what makes it special is how it’s cooked.

It’s stewed lentil but made creamier thanks to its use of several blocks of butter. On top of that, it’s also seasoned to perfection with India’s most well-known spices. 

Vada pav

Straight from the humble region of Maharashtra, the Vada pav is perfect for those looking for a vegetarian option for their burgers. You can call this dish the Indian veggie burger as it consists of a deep-fried potato dumpling that’s squeezed between soft buns.

This also makes it a great option if you love carbs as the combination of potato and bread is the perfect source of carbohydrates. Aside from the burger itself, this dish is commonly served with a side of chutney and green chilli to bring in more flavour and spice.

Pani puri

If you’re going on a food crawl in the streets of Mumbai, one of the things that you won’t miss is Pani puri because it’s served in almost every food stall. This traditional local delicacy comes in small portions but it doesn’t disappoint with its unique flavour and texture.

Pani puri is hollowed deep-fried balls that are made out of either wheat or semolina. They are then filled with spicy potatoes and chickpeas before being ladled over with spicy tamarind water.

Visit beautiful tourist attractions

As you snack your way through the different food hubs in India, make sure to stop by the beautiful tourist attractions in the country as well. This will complete your experience in the country and you can take pictures with all of them so that you can take a piece of them home with you. 

To help you not miss out on the tourist attractions in the country, here are the spots we recommend:

Taj Mahal

If you’re going to visit India it’s a no brainer to visit the Taj Mahal. Listed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, it would be a shame to not visit this magnificent place while you’re in the country.

Once you set foot in this magnificent landmark, you’ll be in awe of the amazing architecture that was applied to this huge building. Every corner and nook is filled with detail and you’ll be surprised at how preserved it is until today even when it’s been around for several centuries.

Aside from being a wonder to look at, the Taj Mahal also has an interesting backstory. It was built to honour Mumtaz Mahal by his husband who was the Mughal Emperor at the time, Shah Jahan. Emperor Jahan was devastated after the death of her wife and to commemorate her forever, he had this building built from the ground up.

Goa Beaches

One of the best things that India has to offer is its beaches. If you’re looking to cool your head off from the humid weather of the country, the best place to go to is one of the Goa Beaches.

This group of beaches span several metres of bliss with its perfectly pure sand and ocean blue waters. Located on the western coast of India, this beach is filled with different activities to do. However, you can choose to just lay in the sand and soak all the vitamins from the sun and exfoliate your skin. Just don’t forget to apply your sunblock thoroughly before heading outside to ensure that your skin won’t get damaged.


It would be a shame to go to India and not stop by its capital city of Delhi. Filled with different restaurants and gimmicky businesses, this city won’t disappoint in providing you with delicious dishes and unique experiences and sceneries.

Aside from its bustling nature, Delhi is also worth visiting for its strong historical significance. It’s one of the oldest cities not just in the country but in the entire world as well.

While you’re here, you might as well eat some of the best local delicacies in the country and visit the best spots including the Red Fort, or Lal Qila, which have been around ever since the 17th century.

Kaziranga National Park

If you want to bask in the fresh air of nature, the best place to go to in India is the Kaziranga National Park. Here, you’ll be greeted with a vast open field that’s worthy to be included in all your pictures.

The biggest highlight of this park, however, is the preserved rhinoceros which are currently endangered today. Here, they can run freely and live their lives the way they want to without having to worry about poachers hunting them for their skin and horns.


Found on the southern tip of India is the historical city of Mysore. Here, you’ll find the majestic Palace which once housed the Wodeyar dynasty. As soon as you step foot in this palace, you’ll immediately feel the luxuriousness in every detail of the structure whether it be on the wood used in the doors to the different designs in the interior.

Aside from that, you’ll also find a plethora of amazing paintings courtesy of the talented artists during the boom of the Wodeyar dynasty.

Aside from the palace itself, roaming around the streets of this city is an experience in itself. You can go on a food crawl and taste some of the most delicious chai teas in the country when you stumble upon Dhanwanthri Road which is filled with other street food items.

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These are some of the most must-try things to do we recommend here in Royal Tours and Travels. From trying street foods to visiting historical sites and more, these experiences will complete your visit to India. 

Now that you’ve learned about them, it’s time for you to book a travel tour with us today! If you need more reasons to come here, feel free to check out our other blogs here on our site!

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